Groundwire founder Sean Dunn is a regular speaker and delighted partner with Barnabas Groups all over the country, including Barnabas of the East Bay.

Years ago, Groundwire grew out of his existing ministry when Dunn received the inspiration to use secular media to reach unchurched young people who would not think of setting foot in a traditional church. Groundwire buys 30- and 60-second radio and television spots on popular secular outlets such as MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, which deliver a message about God and Jesus with an invitation to go online and find out more.

Waiting —when young people do go online —are trained spiritual coaches who are available 24-7 to interact with people seeking help on

“Pornographers, predators and publicists have figured out how to use these tools to destroy our kids —why shouldn’t we (Christians) figure out how to use them to save and build up kids,” said Dunn.

Rodney Cordova, the West Coast director and regular attendee at Barnabas of the East Bay, said, “Barnabas has been one of our greatest assets. It’s given us the ability to advertise in metro areas like the Bay Area and Orange County. It has been a great resource not only financially, but also because of the networks that members have.”

Cordova joined the ministry in 2011.

Dunn established the Groundwire outreach after working for a number of years as a speaker and writer in Christian circles.

“Everything I’ve done is an invitation and God started to put on my heart the great percentage of people who will not come to a place to hear about Christ. How do we reach the ones who don’t (know) they want to be reached?”.

“Media opens that door so we can interrupt their lives,” Dunn said.

Dunn has spoken at Barnabas Groups across the country and is known in Barnabas circles for the effective follow-up with members who show an interest in the ministry.

Groundwire now is running commercials on 1,300 radio stations and operates across the United States and is expanding its international reach. It currently operates in India, Sri Lanka and Australia and is planning to open in the United Kingdom. It also has software that automatically will translate English into another language.

Sean Dunn

 Rodney Cordova

Cordova recalls meeting with one spiritual coach who is 91 and caring for his wife who has dementia. Though the coach is largely confined to quarters (so he can help his wife). But through Groundwire he can still minister.

“He’s so excited that he can share the Gospel over the internet. He has a whole new purpose in life.”.

The ministry tracks web visits and has seen those soar from 58,000 a month in 2010 to 233,000 in 2011 to 358,500 in January 2012. The surging numbers reflect partnerships that Groundwire has entered into with other ministries that do not have the network of spiritual coaches to interact with young people.

Once young people interact with the coach in a spiritual conversation, they also can come to Christ. Those that do so are encouraged to connect with a local church, which happens in about one-third of the decisions for Jesus.

To learn more about Groundwire or contact Dunn or Cordova, please see for contact information.

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