Peggy Stapleton is a Board Member of The Barnabas Group Inland Empire.

Peggy Stapleton has been a part of the 89.7 KSGN team for almost 8 Years. She was an active listener of KSGN before she came on board and knows firsthand how God uses 89.7 to minister daily in the lives of so many. Her role is to Partner with business and churches in the communities who are good neighbors and believe in bringing the message of hope and encouragement through Jesus to the Inland Empire. These Good Neighbors in turn grow their organization. She is very Kingdom minded and believes her role is to connect businesses and ministries to better serve each other.

Peggy is a native Californian and grew up right here in the Inland Empire. She is married to her wonderful husband Roger and together they have 6 amazing children, which include their children’s spouses. Peggy would tell you that her first and most important role is that of a mother. But most recently she has come to understand her newsiest and sweetest role of Grandmother. She has two of the most beautiful grandbabies you have ever seen.

Peggy strongly believes that we can take our Mother’s heart and gifts to help those most vulnerable. So in the past year she became very involved in her community with C.A.S.E. the Collation against Sexual Exploitation. She believes her role is to connect the women of faith to bring hope to our girls. C.A.D.E. Christians Actively Demolishing Exploitation was formed out of a Vision from God to stop human trafficking in our own backyard. When I learned of the reality of the travesty of girls as young 12- 14 years old being sold on the streets of the Inland Empire, I could not close my eyes or turn my back.

I went right to the source the District Attorney, the Police department and all those on the front lines to educate myself and learn. I was told that they were no safe houses for the girls and was asked to bring the Faith Based community together to make a difference. So that’s what I did... I prayed and asked for God directions. Thru the encouragement of many and the idea of a Pastor C.A.D.E. was born. Christians Actively Demolishing Exploitation.

CADE’s purpose is to bring the community and churches together to birth new warriors and to come along side ministries that are fighting the travesty of Children being sold in America. To bring connections, resources, volunteers, Long term homes and whatever it takes to bring hope, a purpose and a future to Gods kids.

Who is involved….Pastors, Leaders of Influence, the community and the church coming together to bring real solution, not just talk but to do and to OPEN HOPE for those with no voice....Because together we are better.

Gods vision has already resulted in hundreds of individuals being trained to combat this evil, new ministry have been birth and CADE has been instrumental in connecting the pieces for a safe house to become a reality. To God be the Glory.

She has also serves on the boards of:

San Bernardino Community Church
The Non Profit Network Association
Choices Pregnancy Centers
CASE Speakers Outreach
SBCC Women’s Core Leadership and
Hot Pink Warriors, Women World Changers and NAWBO

Inland Empire, California